Glorieta Residents Face Eviction Notices!


GloritaGLORIETA, N.M.  Let us pray over this situation. Pastor Glenn Strock of the Pecos Cowboy Church lives there. Dozens of people who’ve built and own homes in a small New Mexico community are now facing eviction.

The faith-based “Glorieta Conference Center” land is being sold to a new owner has made it clear, they want dozens of families who live around the conference center to leave.

For decades, Glorieta leased out chunks of land to people who wanted to build a home in a faith-based community. Even though the new landowner plans to continue faith based activities, they want residents out.

Around 60 homeowners living near the Glorieta Conference Center received a letter within the last week which essentially tells the homeowners to leave.

The church ultimately owns the land. When the homes were initially built under the old land owner, homeowners quietly signed 25-year leases to their properties.

Glorieta 2.0 is now enforcing that rule.

Most homeowners have until August 15th, 2013 to figure out what they’ll do.