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  1. Dear Servant in the Lord,
    Blessings of Peace!

    I am writing to you with this prayer and hope that may Lord Jesus Christ bless your ministry and your great service for the Kingdom of God.
    I have reading from your site and I have found that these teachings are truly what Christians need today. We are a small group of true believer of Jesus Christ, we always come together to read what we could in our limited time. And then we share the word of God with Christians in our area.
    I am reading and studding web page, am spiritually touched stronger to find that you are what we need for spiritual growth. I humbly pray that the Holy Spirit visit your heart and humbly spend time with us as our spiritual mentors. We hunger and thirst for your fellowship and teachings.

    Brother I would like come this request that “how we can part of your church ministry”? We need your church start over here in Kenya.

    We would like to work together so that your ministry can reach to every true believer with the message of Salvation and eternal life. How I can be partner of you wonderful ministry? How I can be member of your Church and ministry from Kenya?

    Our constant prayers and best wishes are for your ministry and your great services of the Lord.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Yours Brother in Christ,

    Pastor Evans

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