Front Page Jerusalem Radio reports: Egypt’s Second Revolution



Egypt’s Second Revolution
Egypt coupFor those who thought the Arab uprisings were bringing Islamists into power to stay, the dramatic events in Egypt last week were a big surprise. The world watched in amazement as millions of people took to the streets to demand the removal of President Muhammad Morsy of the Muslim Brotherhood after only one year in office. It was the largest political protest in human history and opened the door for the military to depose Morsy. Now it’s not yet clear whether these events will spark a civil war in Egypt. But the latest turmoil in Cairo does show that the upheavals of the Arab Spring are far from over. And it has raised many important questions about the direction the Middle East is taking. One key question, for instance, is whether the massive protests across Egypt were a repudiation of political Islam? Also, what prompted the people to take to the streets once again? Was it the sagging economy in Egypt or also the imposing of sharia law? What is next for the Muslim Brotherhood? And will Egypt descend into a brutal civil war like Syria? Egypt’s Second Revolution – That’s our focus this week here on Front Page Jerusalem. We’ll have insights into the recent popular coup in Egypt and the fallout from the massive demonstrations against the Muslim Brotherhood. Our guest analyst will be Prof. Hillel Frisch, who teaches on Middle East studies at Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv, and is a senior researcher with the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies. Plus in our weeklyWord From Zion, we’ll take a look at a particular passage in Isaiah which says that one day Egypt will be a redeemed nation at true peace with Israel.

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