Dave and Leslie Mouser Family enjoy Dewey’s Daily Cup and FGGAM


Brother Dewey,

So enjoyed your cup this morning.  It made me reflect that even in the midst of poor leadership, I need to stand and be the best leader I can be…my failure or success as a leader comes from my relationship with God to avoid those temptations even though we see them from our own Christian brothers & sisters.  It is His strength that allows me to lead in the midst of chaos bringing us closer to His Victory!When I read your messages, it’s like we are in the cafe again, praying & praising & fellow shipping for  His Kingdom!  Thank you for your refreshing teaching!
Leslie Mouser    Thank you for the kind words Leslie. The post that Leslie is referring to, can be found here: https://fggam.org/a-disease-in-america-poor-leadership/
leslie mouser