The Flashlight and the Light of the World



A Morning Cup of Hope


By: Angel L. Murchison


The Flashlight and the Light of the World


I love to write about my grandchildren. I was preparing to take Mason and Evan my two grandson’s to church with me a month or so ago. We started at 5am to get ready for the service that started at 10am. Mason almost four now along with a very strong mind of his own I might add, didn’t want the dress outfit his mom had packed and thought his jeans and white t-shirt was sufficient. After much coaxing I was able to get a sweater over the t-shirt. It was 10:15 and we were still working on the socks. He advised me due to the lines on the socks he was not going to wear them. So I advised him he could not take his boots off at church. So with his bare feet in fireman boots along with Evan dressed like a king, we headed to Family Christian Service to worship and hear the Word of the Lord. I managed to sing a few songs and then came the prayer. I closed my eyes as Evan vast asleep in his carrier snuggled by me next to the pew and Mason sitting on the other side quietly, I added my prayer along with the others to the creator of the universe. I was a bit tired and enjoyed the stillness and the connection for just a few moments. I love to pray and I believe in it so much, I wanted to add mine. I opened my eyes to find Mason had unzipped his back pack and taken out his flash light. He was shining it all around at the people with closed eyes. I might add he was standing proudly in his bare feet! I laugh when I think about it. It was a sight to see as he shined the light up the rows and across the pew to each praying parishioner, row by row.


It brings to the forefront of my mind this very cold evening in Northern Maine about the scripture in John 8. He states I am the light of the world. He who follows me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life. I remember living in the darkness, and would never trade it for walking in the light. John 12 states that Jesus has come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in him should stay in darkness.


In Psalms it says that the Lord is a lamp unto my feet, and a lamp unto my path.


Oh how I love the scriptures, hard to put into words how they nourish my soul.


Someday, my grandchildren will come to the road of decision in the path they will walk. I pray they will choose to live a life of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray each day for that. We all have our own will and he won’t force his upon us. Sometimes we don’t want to accept him in fear we won’t have our own way. Just to find we believed a lie and walking in the light is a much richer life.


Tonight, Lord I pray you warm the hearts of your people. Light a fire in the hearts of those that the enemy of their soul has snuffed out, once again I pray. Draw man unto yourself and let revival fires fall. From the north to the south to the west to the east we say blaze spirit blaze. Turn darkness into light.


I won’t forget that Sunday for a long time, Mason and his firemen boots and flashlight. I wonder what will be in the back pack next…



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