Stranger Than Fiction: Which It Appears To Be


A possible border-line evangelical organization, the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT) has come out in support of the immigration bill bouncing around in the Senate.  That is to say, the organization may not exist, unless you count an organization covered up by a pile of bull butter to be a legitimate organization.

Here is the quoted opening paragraph from a Breitbart article:

Late last week, The Huffington Post reported that the Evangelical Immigration Table, a coalition of evangelicals supporting the Senate immigration bill, had announced a $250,000 ad buy in support of the legislation. It was part of the Table’s 92-day Pray for Reform campaign that also included newspaper and radio ads. Curiously, however, the Evangelical Immigration Table doesn’t legally exist as an incorporated political entity or non-profit organization.

The link posted just below will take you to the complete article.  Remember we told you in a previous article the name does not always describe correctly.  We believe this organization’s name is one of those entities hiding its true agenda.

Stranger Than Fiction

As you follow the link above, you will see reference to The Immigration Forum (TIF).  The board listing for TIF contains the names found at this link:

Board Members TIF

Perhaps it does not trouble you the EIT and TIF are a little (or a lot) under the shade when it comes to their transparency.  If so, it would seem you are satisfied when facts are obscured.  Republicans and conservatives should support sensible and viable immigration reform, but you can’t get there when the peas are still in the pod.

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