Martinez wants New Mexico voters to decide same-sex marriage issue, Gary King sounds off


martinezNew Mexico Governor Martinez wants voters to be able to decide whether same-sex marriage should be allowed in New Mexico. The Governor believes it is most appropriate for voters, not politicians to make the call. The Governor’s personal opinion is that marriage should be between a man and women. Martinez would not support a Legislative change in state law to allow same-sex marriage.

Meanwhile New Mexico Attorney General Gary King, who says he will run against Martinez  for Governor, has said that sate laws prohibiting same-sex marriage are “vulnerable to challenge” under a state constitutional protection that guarantees equal protection for all citizens under state law.

King said yesterday that the Supreme Court rulings are in line with New Mexico law.

Some gay couples in New Mexico went to their receptive County Clerks yesterday seeking marriage licenses after the Supreme Court ruling, but were denied  licenses because same-sex marriage is still not allowed in the state.

However, New Mexico law does recognize same-sex marriages officiated in other states. Some gay couples stated yesterday they would be traveling out of state to be married.

Let us be in prayer and stand in the gap for the sanctity of marriage.

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