He Listened and Rescued a little Boy



Dear Family of our Lord Jesus Christ,



Thank you for coming by for a CUP! Tom and Robyn Hurt shared these photo’s with me from their trip to South Dakota! What a hoot!!! Thanks for the love and laughs!

Photo: For our friend...
Photo: Wherever you go, Dewey is there.
Love that sign,made me think about the fact that we are not to turn to the left or right, we are to go straight ahead! AMEN!
This is from a Dear, Dear friend………..I just love it when you all share with us here at the CUP! AMEN!
Had a great Holy Spirit experience yesterday.  Would prefer you don’t use my name if you put it in the cup.  It’s for His glory, not mine.
A neighbor lady came to our house when I was working in the yard.  She was frantic and explained how her 8 year old autistic boy had wandered off and been missing for 30 minutes.  She called 911 and I began searching the area with the car.  Called my wife and she searched the local area on foot.  Talked with people outside and we had a group looking.  Many prayers being lifted up.  I was about to head to the city park when “that little voice” told me to head toward the railroad tracks.  Sure enough he was walking down them about a half mile away.  He was barefoot walking on terribly sharp stones.  Carried him back to the car.  I wonder if he would have moved for a speeding freight train? Thank you Holy Spirit!
Our Dear friend is filled with the Holy Spirit, God guided him to right where he needed to be! AMEN!
have you ever had an experience like that?
In this very short and simple message to His followers, Jesus gave them the key to living a victorious life as He demonstrated on earth: “Behold, I send the Promise of My Father upon you.”
That Promise—as we know from John 14-15 Acts 1 and other passages  in the New Testament was and is the Holy Spirit.
God talks to me everyday, I am able to avoid mistakes by listening to God. God leads me to where I am to be, like our Dear friend to rescue that little boy! AMEN!
We are to be filled with the Holy Spirit to reach the greatness that God offers us! AMEN!
Are you filled with the Holy Spirit? Do you hear God?
Oh my friends, it the most beautiful thing to hear from our Lord! AMEN!
We never spiritually outgrow our dependence upon the Holy Spirit. The exact opposite is true. The more mature we are in our faith and the more intimate our relationship with our heavenly Father, the more dependent we must be on the Holy Spirit.
Do you have an intimate relationship with God?
A man or woman who fears God, is fearful of being away God, like a little boy missing his Daddy,Amen!
Do you talk to God? Do you listen to God? Do you make plans without God?
The reason we are in the mess we are in, so many people have shut God out of their life.
It is the Holy Spirit who reminds us of the truth of God’s Word in our daily lives, so that we live for God’s Glory Alone! AMEN!
It makes me sad for those that are not hearing God and living the greatness that God has offered us, they are missing out! Are you?
It’s the difference between life and death.
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For God’s Glory Alone in the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey Sharon and Family

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  1. amen,, glad he listened to the spirit and found the boy, and yes the signs are awesome,, love the population number 7 lol

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