Some Are Saying, “It’s Finis!”

A real journalist who won his awards through honest depictions of people and conditions.

Finis between the screaming mimes of the mainScream media and their propped up presidential figure, Barack H. Obama.  The article following my poor and very inadequate words presents example on top of example of the, shall we say, enmity among former overly praising so-called journalists and our so-called transparent president.

I would not risk a tarnished penny as a wager the relationship will stay as it seems to be twisting toward a vote of no confidence for POTUS.  And the reason … there is little integrity to be found in big media and their minions.


See the Featured Image of the stamp honoring Bill Mauldin?  He was a true hero cartoon journalist, who bucked some pretty powerful military to tell the truth.  My point being, we could use some sensible and honest journalists like Mr. Mauldin right about now.

And, he was/is a New Mexico fellow with family residing here and two grandchildren (young lady and young man) at West Point. 

Anyway, do yourself a favor and read the article found at the link pasted below … it isn’t about Mr. Mauldin and his progeny. Just the opposite, I’d say.

In French, It’s Finis