Gosnell’s Evil Twin?


As one is jailed for life, another with a creepy persona and  filthy hands surfaces from the depths of hell.

This one comes from Texas.  Houston to be exact and if the stories are
factual about his inhuman acts, he is even worse than Gosnell.

This is not an honor Texas will in any way celebrate, even though this
abortion doctor may have sent babies to their death in the most hellish
way possible that he ends up number 1 in that category.. Read the story from the link just below:   (WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC)


English: HOUSTON, Texas (Dec. 11)--The Port of...
English: HOUSTON, Texas (Dec. 11)–The Port of Houston, the busiest in the nation in terms of foreign tonnage, is accessed by a 54-mile long ship channel. In an average day more than 700 vessel transit the channel. Here, a ship passes under the Fred Hartman bridge on the Houston ship channel, December 11. USCG photo by PA2 James Dillard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bigger Than Philadelphia Abortion Doc?



  1. I’ve seen some pretty nasty stuff in numerous combat situations Chuck but this beats them all and actually makes me physical sick just to think about it!!! As much as I’ve personally witnessed, I could not bare to watch this video. Satan is anxiously awaiting these folks arrival; they obviously have NO heart and couldn’t possibly have a soul!!!
    rick stambaugh

    • I agree the images are almost too much to tolerate, but I trust it will help move the abortion supporters away from their comfort zone and into the real world.

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