Get To Know Your Attorney General


United States Attorney General Eric Holder has many stories behind his name, but it is reported the tales about him are nothing to crow about in a positive way.  The facts seem to be counter to anything concerning good government and law enforcement.  The scandals involving him and his team are sad and telling … telling on him and his ineptitude.

Discover The Networks (DTN) does an excellent job of keeping up with progressives, enemies of Israel and the brainless followers denigrating America and her history.  They do this very well in exposing Eric Holder.  Follow the link just below to learn about:

A Portrait Of An Abomination



  1. What an embarrassing part of the history of the United States! Quite a history for just one man!! It’s a long article but all you have to do is read the topic titles to realize what a disgrace to this country this man is!!!
    rick stambaugh

  2. Keeping up with Holder, et al is worse than herding cats or picking one eel out of a barrel filled with the slick creatures.

    Thanks for commenting.

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