Abraham- Man of Faith



Written by Darlene Quiring

ABRAHAM, MAN OF FAITH   Hebrews 11:8-10    INTRO: Spurgeon said  “Faith is thesilver thread upon which the pearles of Grace are strung.”  “Break the thread and the pearles will lie scattered
Augustine said, “faith is to believe what we do not see.  The reward of faith is to see what we believe.”
Habbakuk said, “The just shall live by faith.”
When most people use the word “Faith” they erronously use it as a synonym for wishfullness or as some mysterious power of the mind over matter.  Faith is not a supernatural power or some state of mind attainable by those who have the ability.  Faith is simply Believing God.  Having a confident belief.  It is believing what God says he will do he does.   Faith is a practical and an everyday thing.  Faith is for every man not just the select few or the super saints..
Abraham  is a man of faith.  He is known thoughout the world as the father of faith.  Let us observe his life and gleen from it some truths that will make our lives richer.
I.        Abrahams life shows us that the man of faith lives his life in terms of mission.
A.        Mission is a term that indicates direction and purpose.  And for our purposes today it means God’s direction and purpose for us.God has not saved you without a purpose.  Everyone who answers God’s call to salvation also isanswering his call to a purpose.  Everyone has a mission.  

B.        When Abraham answered God’s call he was lifted out of the hoplessness of a humdrum life and placed in the path of service to God.  His life became a great adventure because he was now part of the plan of God.  Abraham  viewed his life in terms of his mission.  He saw every part of his life in terms of God’s call and plan.  This viewpoint made all the difference.
C.        You can view you life from this same perspective.   You are part of God’s big plan. You have a purpose for existance.  When you made Christ your savior God placed in you a calling that seeks fullfillment.  In fact I believe when you are a christian there are three areas of calling in your life.
1.        First is a family calling.  As God’s first social creation was the family I believe that God’s desire is for every Christian  dad, mom, and child to be a productive and nurturing part of their family.
2.        Second is the calling to your christian service.  What part does God want you to play in spreading the gospel around the world.
a)        Everyone has a part, noone is left out.  Teaching, visiting sick, evangelism, helps.etc.
3.        Last is your calling to your secular vocation.  Thats right.  Consider what God wants you to do to make a living.
D.        By viewing life in terms of mission it does two things for us.
1.        It undergirds life with purpose that gives meaning to a day’s work.
Listen to me.  Your purpose in life is not just to work, eat sleep have kids and die.  Your purpose is to serve God wherever you are.  Your carreer isn’t your purpose.  It is a means to an end.  You work so that you can serve God.  Paul was a tent maker by trade.  He made tents SO THAT he could be a missionary.
2.        A sence of mission gives power to life
Our power for living is Jesus Christ.   Paul said it like this in the book of Phillippians. ” I can do all things through Christ which strengeneth me.”
He gives us the power to live victorious lives even in defeating circumstances.  He provides our needs and gives us the abundant life.

The man of faith lives his life in terms of mission.
II.        The man of faith considers his life a work in progress.
Abraham wasn’t perfect.  In Gen. 17 God said to Abraham.  I am God almighty, walk before me and be thou perfect.  Guess what?  Abe failed.
A.        Failure is part of every person’s life.  If you have never failed that indicates you have never tried anything.   Abraham had three major failures in his life.  His first was lying to Pharoah about his wife. He said she was his sister.  The second was lying to Abimelech about his wife. (same lie)  The third was not trusting God to provide a son and resorting to human means by having a child with the egyptian girl Hagar.   If Abraham failed, you can fail too.  Notice that after Abraham fails he confessed his sin and  Continued on the mission.
B.        When Abraham failed it was when he lost sight of his mission.   When he left the place God had put him and went to Egypt then his Faith faltered.  Faith is lived only in the context of your mission and calling.  You will not have a vibrant alive confident faith in God when you desert the ranks of your mission.
1.        James said ” Faith without works is dead.  It dies we quit being a part of Gods on  going plan.  It dies  when we view life’s purpose in terms of eating, drinking  and self gratification. Life’s purpose is to serve God.
III.        The man of faith looks to God for his strength in times of trouble.
A.        Abrahams greatest test came when God commanded him to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac.  In Gen 22.  We find Abraham obeying God in preparing for the sacrifice.  We haven’t a clue about what is on Abraham’s mind until his son questions him concerning the sacrifice.  Isaac asked,  “Where is the lamb for the sacrifice?”  Abraham revealed his faith in God, his trust in God’s goodness with his answer.  “My son, God will provide himself with a lamb for a burnt offering.”   When they arrived at the mountain Abraham laid out the wood, tied up Issac and prepared to sacrifice him but suddenly and Angel of the Lord called out and stopped him.  The Angel then revealed that this was a test.
B.        When we find ourselves tested as Abraham was do we continue to trust God or do we turn to human reason and human strength.  If you respond by trusting God you will overcome the trial.  Now, this doesn’t mean that the worst will always be avoided.  sometimes tragedy and disapointment arrive in our life like a plague.  But when they do Faith will see you through the trials.  Through faith God blesses us with mercy in time of trails.  sometimes he provides an escape, and sometimes he provides strenght to bear it.
Abraham is our example of the life of faith.  Because he understood his life in terms of his mission he was able to overcome his failures through faith.  Because He perceived his life as a mission for God he was able to withstand the trials.
Faith is made alive by viewing yourself on mission for God.  You are  a part of Gods ongoing plan to redeem this world.  You may fail, you may doubt you may have trails and troubles but the man of faith overcomes.

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