Urgent Prayer Needs, God Bless you for praying with us





Urgent prayer Needs







Let us pray…………..





Please pray for Tita Sanchez, Pastor Paul Holt’s Mother-in-law. Tita is in the Socorro, NM Hospital with severe pain, has lost 18 pounds. We pray for healing Lord.



Please pray for Melanie and her daughter Shianne. They are such good friends of Jo Holt, Pastor Paul’s wife. They live in San Antonio, NM. They both have had a fever that spikes at 106! Pneumonia and also other possible infections. Shianne is just 3 1/2 years of age. Lord, we pray for healing.




Please pray for Robin White of California who has been very sick, the Doctor’s could not find out what was wrong. She had her Rental inspected, MOLD! Please pray for healing! Please pray for housing for Robin and resources. Lord we pray for healing and a place to live for Robin and her finances.




In all this we ask in the name of Jesus, AMEN!