Progressives and the War on the Working


I paid my “fair share” yesterday. Apparently, my fair share is roughly 25% of what I earn working two jobs. That’s just the federal portion. When you add the state and other taxes, my wife and I pay almost 35% of what we labor to earn.

To be clear, I don’t earn very much. I am a bi-vocational pastor. I work in a dental office so that my small church can afford to keep me as their pastor. I buy my own study materials, I don’t get my travel expenses paid. The church allows me to stay in the apartment to the back of the church. I am happy with this arrangement, although my wife would prefer we buy our own home at some point. We have one minivan that we have put 30,000 plus miles on since July of last year.

I don’t say all of this to gain sympathy. I see myself as a typical working American in the service of the Lord. Between my wife and I, we make just a little more than $50,000 a year. I do have a question though. Why do progressives or liberals or whatever you call them, wish to make war on the working class. The people working 12 or more hours everyday for 6 or more days a week, why do they want to punish us for our Christian work ethic? They call it paying our fair share, but I notice the Obamas paid only 18% of their income. What gives?

the War on the WorkingIt is abundantly clear to me that progressives desire to move us toward an economically and morally weaker America. Our tax system is truly progressive. It rewards immoral and unproductive behavior, while at the same time punishing those who obey the law and work  hard, trying to raise a family well. This may be harsh, but the truth is that both the right and the left in America are working with the spirit of anti-christ to undermine the only Christian super power on earth.

The writings of the Apostle Paul inform us that if a man will not work he should not eat. (2 Thessalonians 3:10), and yet we take the opposite stance. It is also a biblical principle to not reward immoral behavior. Case in point, a single mother of three children from different fathers can expect to have as much as $10,000 redistributed to her, regardless of whether or not she works. This is on top of nearly $30,000 worth of food stamps, Medicaid and other “benefits” she will receive.

I know what you are thinking, for a pastor I am being quite heartless toward the poor. You are right. It is an argument that I am meant to loose. How could I dare criticize a helpless single mother of three for the situation she finds herself. I get it. But, that is my point. The propaganda of the antichrist would have us believe that the plight of single mothers can not be helped, when we are actually enabling bad behavior. The same is true for abortion and gun control. The progressives are at war with every day working Americans. They are moving us toward the doctrine of Balaam (Numbers 22–24, Jude 11, Revelation 2:14) in order to have the blessing of God removed and to activate the curses.

It is time for believers to make a stand. We have been silent too long.



  1. The US has the world’s lowest tax rates. Overall, Washington’s tax revenues are 24% of GDP which is the lowest percentage of any developed nation. Plus, the effective federal income tax rate has fallen from an average of about 22 percent in 1979 to 17.4 percent today, according to the CBO. Nearly half of all taxpayers end up with no federal income-tax payments at all.

    The 18% figure is Obama’s effective tax rate. Almost all of the Obamas’ income was subject to the top tax rate of 39.6 percent in 2012, according to Reuters. There are reasons why Obama’s effective tax rate was 18.4% last year. They donated almost a quarter of their income, some $150,000, to 33 different charities, lowering their tax rate. So, nothing really gives.

    Overall, effective tax rates and tax revenues as a % of GDP are almost at an all time low. Only 5% of the entire federal budget goes to the nonworking poor (which is only 10% of the welfare chunk of the federal budget). Yes there are dead beats aplenty and the system can be manipulated, but in reality, it’s not nearly as bad as you claim. Using fear tactics to mislead people concerning the nation’s fiscal policies is shameful.

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