President George W. Bush Library Opening



“I became a war-time president; something I didn’t want to be. There were things I didn’t want to deal with.” -George W. Bush


(Dallas Texas) – It was an emotionally charged event for former president George W. Bush today as every surviving US president attended the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Library Center at Southern Methodist University. (Photos: Fox News)


With nearly 10,000 in attendance, at the end of a short speech in which he praised the enduring spirit of America, Bush became emotional and cried, brushing away tears.


A slew of interviews took place today for the historic ceremony, many of them showing the optimistic Bush as being most ecstatic about being a first-time grandfather.


Although President Obama praised President G. W. Bush as a “good man,” he also reportedly interjected immigration politics into his speech, and President Carter praised Bush for fighting AIDS in Africa. Carter also credited him for facilitating a peace treaty between North and South Sudan that ended a war.


Former President Bill Clinton had this to say: “I like President Bush. He’s disarmingly direct.”




The Library and Museum itself are unique in many ways, housing valuable documents pertaining to the President’s tenure in office and several moving displays and monuments to the memory of those who perished on 9/11, a watershed moment in President Bush’s presidency.