NM Gov. Martinez still opposes same- sex marriage


Susana-MartinezBack in 2010 when she was running for New Mexico Governor, Susana Martinez opposed same-sex marriage. That has not changed. The Governor recently told the Albuquerque Journal  “It’s my belief that marriage is between a man and women, there should be no other discrimination in reference to jobs, where they live, the ability and power to be able to say just like you can for your sibling, if I am incapable of making medical decisions for myself, I give the power and right for this individual to make those decisions.”

The Governor went onto say that New Mexico will uphold any ruling by the Supreme Court on the issue of same-sex marriage.

Meanwhile the Episcopal Rio Grande Diocese recently said they now allow Priests to bless same-sex relationships without recognizing the relationship as marriage. The Albuquerque Journal reported in January that Rev. Dr. Michael Vono made the following announcement:

Episcopal priests in the Rio Grande Diocese can begin to bless same-sex relationships following an announcement by

Dr. Michael L. Vono
Rev Dr. Michael L. Vono
Bishop – Diocese of the Rio Grande

Bishop Michael Vono that he would provide an official liturgy, as of Sunday, for that purpose.

The announcement comes six months after the General Convention of the Episcopal Church approved a liturgy enabling priests to bless same-sex relationships with the approval of their bishops. The blessings are allowed both in states where same-sex marriages are legal or, as in the case of New Mexico, where they are not.