Munged Wages: Let’s All Have Our Own Minimum Wage


chuckStates, Counties, Municipalities and other government entities with a modicum of legislative ability are rushing to get on the progressive wagon to follow an organization working hard to cajole elected officials to pass every law imaginable, so long as it fits the progressive/socialist mold.  It seems many government bodies have allowed themselves to be wrapped into the fold and are now full-time partners with organizations who care nothing about what conservatives may want; even though conservatives should have a seat at the table where the meat is divided, since they for the most part, are makers and not takers.

One progressive bunch hot on the heels of the heels trying to change all local and higher governments to suit their desire to control all facets of American life. Here is the link … you decide:

 They Say, “We Turn grassroots activists into progressive champions.” 

 And, they are serious as cancer on America’s political future.  That is why I sought and obtained permission for the article found just below reporting on the action of the Bernalillo County Commission where the majority of the commission voted for a wage increase which can advance incrementally through the years. We will see with ignorant action such as the commission took, every progressive county and municipal government attempting passage or actually passing their own minimum wage. The result is … New Mexico will not be able to hit its rump with a handful of Elk antlers.

 Bull elk calling during the rutting season

 Here is Sylvia Bokar’s excellent article:

SylviaBokorComments:  To criminalize non-compliance with an ordinance that raises the minimum wage and ties it to inflation is so irrational that there can be no doubt whatsoever — if there ever was — about the goal of the totalitari

The penalizing of those who create and provide values shows a fundamental disconnect from reality that does not bode well for New Mexico

Or, for that matter, for the United Statees.

The pretensions and the distortions of the unions’ “Wage Warriors” and the repetition of their Chief Leftist Leader’s words — such as “a fair living wage,” the “hard-working low-income earner,” “closing the gap between rich and poor,” ” barely able to make ends meet,” and so forth — does not generate sympathy.  Especially when you know many of them — if not all — receive welfare.  Especially, too, when you see them enter chambers carrying printed signs and wearing union tee-shirts pulled over fat bellies.

Instead, one experiences support and sympathy for the business owners who are sentenced to work now under the thumb of the union, thanks to the say-so of three County Commissioners who voted to replace freedom and common sense with force

Criminalizing the actions of providers of values is so evil, one might have expected a scream to rise from the population at large. It did not.

The reason it did not is entrenched ignorance of the relationship between freedom, rights and prosperity on the one hand, and force, enslavement and poverty on the other.

But far more unsettling is the widespread indifference to individual rights. Some Americans do not seem to understand the connection between individual rights and their daily practical lives.  They don’t seem to grasp that one must exert effort in order to live and to exert that effort beneficially one must be free.  They are oblivious to the fact that forcing others to one’s will is not an expression of freedom and will not sustain theirs.  Such facts do not click inside their skull.

Because of that lack of connection, individual rights are viewed as so much hot air.  This view explains the three Commissioners that voted to criminalize business peoples’ actions.

What explains the low-income workers who cry that they “deserve” a “fair living wage” — whatever that means?  They believe that individual rights consist of “the right” to get the government to force others to their will.

One has to admire the upbeat response of NMBC to what is in fact a devastating blow to individual rights, limited government and free markets.  It takes a great deal of courage to show such strength in the face of unadulterated disaster.

I applaud NMBC’s effort to document the actions and words of the three Commissioners, with a view toward ejecting them from office.  It is an approach that has been persuasive and successful in the past.

What can we do to help them?  It is a question we should all answer individually.  But without helping to fight the totalitarians in some way, we will not recover from this attack on our values and our rights.

Letters of protest can be written to newspapers and government officials.  Rallies can be formed to focus attention on the plight of business owners.  Phone calls can be made to one’s representatives.

One way to defy this present disaster is to repeal the ordinance.  Do three County Commissioners have such authority that it cannot be challenged by the Governor or the Attorney General?

In any case, at root, much of our effort has to be aimed at the electorate.  And next year, get out the vote to get out the totalitarians.


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Sylvia Bokor

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