God is Seeking Vessels…Inspiration from Darlene Quiring



God is seeking vessels of honor to serve Him. If we are not vessels of honor serving in His kingdom, we will be bringing a wrong message to those we meet. In other words, people will see our hypocrisy and maybe will turn away from the gospel.


Jesus was a vessel of honor in the kingdom of God. He made it very plain that Satan had nothing in Him (St. Jn. 14:30). The life that Jesus lived was in plain site of all to see. The religious leaders of the day tried to find fault against Him so that they could condemn Him, but could not; and so they told lies against Him in order to crucify Him. Pilate said, “I find no fault with this man.”


For us to become vessels of honor we must live holy lives before our God. God hates sin. Whether it be a small sin or a big sin; He still hates sin. Jesus said that we must be perfect as His heavenly Father is perfect. For us to live holy lives and attain a level of perfection in God we must spend quality time in prayer and the Word of God. Without prayer and the Word of God as our guide, we will not live a fruitful life and so we will become good for nothing branches that are only fit to be thrown into the fire by men and used as firewood. Our garments must be sparkling white at all times. Holiness must be a way of life for everyone who desires to become vessels of honor. Without holiness, no man shall see God. The parable is told by Jesus, of His Father in heaven who held a feast in honor of His Son (Jesus). However, when the Father came to check on His guest He saw one not properly attired and so the Father ordered the servants (angels) to bind him hand and feet and throw him out of the kingdom (Mt. 22:8-13).


When our Bridegroom Jesus returns for His true church, only those who are vessels of honor will be going to be with him in heaven. Let us therefore cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of sin and live holy lives that are pure unto our God. I can now hear the words of the apostle Paul speaking to me in my spirit as I am writing this article, “If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel of honor, sanctified and meet for the Master’s use” (2 Tim. 2:21 KJV).

Submitted by Darlene Quiring Lover of Our Lord Jesus Christ from Mt. Lake, Minnesota


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