Atheists in a “spin up” over God in Alamogordo, NM


in_God_we_trustAtheists are having a fit over a God they don’t believe in. From Alamogordo, New Mexico atheists are having a “spin up” over the City of Alamogordo displaying the words “In God We Trust” at City Hall.

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the motto “In God We Trust” is a patriotic statement as it relates to the U.S. Constitution. The motto is permitted in government buildings.

Alamogordo is following in the footsteps of Artesia, NM which added, “In God We Trust” to it’s City Hall last year.

Let us pray this movement will spread and we bring God back into our Cities, towns, counties and Washington D.C.

Since  early 2000, over 300 communities have added the phrase to their City hall. This movement started in California.




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