Alabama State House standing in the gap for God where is the New Mexico Legislature?


March For Life Marks 40th Anniversary Of Roe v. WadeCatch my interview with New Mexico State Senator Bill Sharer talking about the lack of pro-life legislation in New Mexico, this Saturday night at 6pm on KAZQ CH 32 at 6pm.

The Alabama state house gave final passage a measure that tightens up rules for abortion clinics.

The Women’s Health and Safety Act requires abortion clinics to use doctors who have approval to admit patients to hospitals in the same city.

Some clinics use doctors from other cities that don’t have local hospital privileges.

Critics say it will make it harder for women to exercise their right to an abortion. But supporters say the new regulations will protect women.

The vote, 68-21, was mostly along partly lines and came hours after the state Senate passed it. The measure now heads to Republican Gov. Robert Bentley, who backs the legislation.

Alabama is already one of 10 states that prohibit abortions at 20 weeks of pregnancy and later. That law was enacted in 2011.