Herrea says AG King has Cleared Her, and More From Dewey


This is the World we live in………….

Herrera-and-KingFormer New Mexico Secretary of State Mary Herrera told me that  Attorney General Gary King has sent her a letter clearing her of any wrong doing in the accusations made against her while she served as Secretary of State. Herrera stated to me that her prayer now is that people realize she did nothing wrong. This is a developing story and we will have more as details become available.

Other notes:

China’s health Agency released this report:

Since 1971 China has performed 336 million abortions.

That breaks down to 13 million abortions per year at about 1,500 every hour!

Let us pray for China!

Vice President Joe Biden’s one night stay in a Paris Hotel costs us taxpayers $585,000.50!!!!

The United States is now going to monitor emails and web surfing by people in private business. This includes employees at major banks, utilities  and transportation companies. Homeland Security is collecting the information.

National Religious Broadcasters President Frank Wright is stepping down. Wright has led the NRB for the last decade and has been outspoken on the threats to Christian media. He will be missed.

I will post more notes as the Lord leads………