Help Stop Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Please Note:  the Embryonic Stem Cell Research Bill addressed below is scheduled for a vote by the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee tomorrow, TUESDAY, MARCH 12 at 1:30 p.m. or later.
Please contact the Representatives on the Committee and urge them to 
vote  NO on SB 313.   God bless you today.
                          Help Stop Embryonic Stem Cell Research
FollowTheMoneyThe adage “follow the money” trumped “follow your conscience” on Tuesday on the Senate side of the New Mexico State Legislature regarding embryonic stem cell research.  SB 313, the Biomedical Research Act passed the Senate by an overwhelming 23 to 16 with 3 abstentions.
Embryos are human life in its most basic form and, as such, are created in the image of God. However, Senators heard that embryos are simply items to be discarded and, rather than throwing them away, they could potentially bring us a cure for cancer from laboratories at our own University of New Mexico.
The New Mexico Senators did not buy the fact that embryonic stem cell research has produced no cures in experimentation so far. The University of New Mexico can apply for federal funding on its own, but legislative support implies a state commitment and state dollars to pursue application for federal funding.
Crossing party lines three Republicans – Sue Wilson Beffort (Sandia Park), Stuart Ingle (Portales), and Michael Payne (Albuquerque) – voted for the measure. Two Democrats, Pete Campos (Las Vegas) and Phil Griego (San Jose) voted against.
Please help stop this move toward the destruction of human life. The measure now moves to the House side of the Legislature, with stops at the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee and the House Judiciary Committee.
Please Pray: then contact the members of the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee and urge them to 
                                       Vote NO on SB 313.
The official title of the bill is SB 313 BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH ACT, Amending the “Maternal, Fetal and Infant Experimentation Act,” Bill O’Neill, Sponsor.
Members of the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee are as follows:
Rep. Eliseo Lee Alcon, Chair
Rep. Patricia Roybal Calballero
Rep. Thomas Anderson
Rep. Gail Chasey
Rep. Jason Harper
Yours in Prayer,
Jose Vasquez
Choose life….Deuteronomy 30:19