Embryonic Stem Cell Research in New Mexico

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Alert – Embryonic Stem Cell
The Senate passed legislation allowing the destruction of human life (as the bill calls it a “fertilized human egg that has begun cell division”). The vote was varied, with Senators from both parties voting for it.
Senate Bill 313, The Biomedical Research Act, introduced by Bill O’Neill, would change the “Maternal, Fetal, and Infant Experimentation Act” to allow for experimenting on embryonic stem cells. These are, as the bill describes, experimenting on “a fertilized human egg from the time that cell division begins to the end of the eighth week after conception”. Notice it says humanegg – this is life, with DNA different from the child’s mother or father.
It now heads to the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee. Please call the members of HCPAC today and ask them to table SB313.
Action Items:
1. Call these Representatives and ask them to oppose Senate Bill 313, The Biomedical Research Act.
Rep. Eliseo Lee Alcon
505-986-4844 , eliseoalcon@msn.com
Rep. Patricia Roybal Calballero
Rep. Thomas Anderson
Rep. Gail Chasey
505-986-4412, gail@gailchasey.com
Rep. Jason Harper
505-986-4254 , JasonHarperNM@gmail.com
2. See how your Senator voted on SB313 here.
Traditional Values Advocacy Committee
P.O. Box 1366
Flora Vista, New Mexico 87415