Dave Standridge – My Ultimate Endorsement

I wanted to take a quick moment to drop you a note about some important things on my mind.  I’ve known you for many years.  Our relationship began on a professional level but quickly turned to a friendship.  During that time I’ve seen you grow so much as a husband, Pastor, and leader.  You’ve impacted our great State of NM in more ways than you will ever know.  During the years you’ve gone through your own personal trials, but each time have found triumph over the circumstances because of your faith.  None of us are perfect, but you’ve always done what you believe the Lord has called you to do.  I’ve seen you, on multiple occasions, ask the question “What is the best Christian response to this situation.”  That speaks volumes to me.  At times your attitude and life approach have inspired and convicted me to live at a higher level.  Thank you for that example.
Now you are embarking in a great, timely crusade for the very heart of our state.  While you continue in your ministry of Faith, Grace and Love of Jesus Christ, you are choosing to take a stand for principles and values that mark you in today’s society.  I find it very refreshing to see someone stand so strong for the values we cherish and I know others feel the same way.  I encourage those I come in contact with to support For God’s Glory Alone, through their prayers and finances.  I know that your work will only grow and strengthen our great state with the help of like minded people unifying for the sake of our values.  I pray that people are moved to generously support your efforts at shining the light in New Mexico.  Best wishes my friend for your continued success.  Know that you have a partner and friend in me!
For the firm,
David A. Standridge
Managing Attorney
Justice Legal Group
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