Abortion–wrong on all fronts


Every year, and rightfully so, there remains the ongoing debate of what we, as a society, do with the whole abortion issue.  Despite claims to the contrary, the abortion issue opens up a wide array of other issues that are now making their way into the mainstream.  We have “mercy” killings, assisted suicide, and, even in NM, stem cell research issues.  To say that the underlying principles of abortion do not give rise to the slippery slope is to have one’s head in the proverbial sand.

With that being said, there are two, very strong reasons why abortion is just wrong.  The first has to do with the fundamental protection of life.  Aside from the biblical examples and verses in opposition to abortion, consider our own founding document, the Declaration of Independence.  There we see that our founding father recognized that there are certain unalienable rights that are self evident, including life.  What exactly does this mean?  Unalienable rights are those that are given to us as a member of the human race.  They are rights that cannot be taken from us by government nor can they be given away.

Supposedly these rights are self evident, at least according to the Declaration of Independence.  I for one subscribe to the political philosophy outlined in the Declaration of Independence.  Now I know that there are some who want to get into the debate of when “does life actually begin?”  Scientifically, I understand that position.  However, since when did we, as a society, begin to have fundamental rights defined by popular science?  When did we start looking for ways to stop life?

When did we start thinking it was ok to try and even define the beginning of life?  Why don’t we ask the converse of these questions.  Why is it ok to even start a discussion of when life begins?  I like to think that our civilized, American society values life and, as such, takes pains to protect it.  That is the America that I believe in.  That is why we, as Americans, are so upset at injustices around the world.  We value life in a different way in this nation.  So, in sum, the first reason is that I believe in the unalienable rights of the Declaration of Independence and do not look for ways to take away from those rights.


The second reason is that the whole issue of abortion being a constitutionally protected right is judicial activism at its best.  The case of Roe v. Wade and the accomopanying cases is nothing more than judicial law making.  I have read the opinion.  There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution of the United States that mentions abortion.  There is nothing that gives the Federal Government authority to even decide on these issues.  The bottom line—the case law granting abortion as a constitutional right is bad law.  If we wish to protect our Republic then we must recognize when and where the Courts overstep their bounds.  Abortion is one of those issues.  Stop the judicial tyranny over states’ efforts to curtail abortion or place restrictions on such procedures.  That is fundamental under the 9th and 10th Amendments of the Constitution.

Thus, in addition to the biblical mandates, we must also be cognizant of the legal arguments.  Most of those people who favor abortion are not going to take a biblical mandate with any seriousness.  However, they may be persuaded when questioned about the role we actually want government to play in our lives and the Constitutional restrictions on the various branches of government.  This is exactly where we, the people, are losing our freedoms.  Remember the warning in Hosea 4:6.

Until next time,


David A. Standridge

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David Standridge graduated from Albuquerque High School and attended the University of New Mexico for his undergraduate work. He graduated with a degree in Political Science and Economics and graduated magna cum laude. He then went on to attend Law School at the University of New Mexico, graduating cum laude. In 1997 he formed the Standridge Law Firm, n/k/a the Justice Legal Group where he has been practicing law for the past 16 years. In addition to practicing law, David and his wife, Debbie, own several small businesses. David frequently speaks about legal and political issues to different community groups and organizations. David has been appointed to various boards and commissions in New Mexico. David has been married to Debbie for 19 years and has two sons, Isaac and Rylee. In his free time, David volunteers for little league baseball, enjoys gardening, hunting, and reading.