Where You Lead, I Will Follow


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Left? Right? Follow Where He Leads!
by Dewey Moede
I was called into radio by God and then I was called out of radio by God. Pastor Larry Moss, a spiritual father to many in New Mexico talked to me one day and told me that God wanted me out of radio, preaching His word. He did not want me concerned anymore with the day-to-day operations of a radio station. That is how my new life and ministry came about.

I walked away from full-time employment and now go wherever the Lord calls me. Being Salt and Light and carrying out the Great Commission is what I am to do… Be a watchman on the wall for God’s people.

I grew up in the radio news business, starting with the Minnesota News Network in the ‘70′s. My new “business” is shedding the light for God alone… bringing the news forward from a Biblical perspective. As I write this I will be going back on the air in Albuquerque on KDAZ AM 730 one day a week with a half hour program to be a “watchman on the wall.”

I also do a weekly TV program in Albuquerque. When we are called by God to do His will in our lives, nothing can stop us except ourselves. We are all called to be salt and light. I encourage you to read the Sermon On the Mount today in Matthew 5-7— in fact as I write this, I am preparing to preach about the Sermon on the Mount.

During these dark days we need to shed the light on God’s truth and stand in the gap for God on Biblical “contemporary” issues. In John 18:36 Jesus said, “Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.” Let us hear the news of our time through Jesus, may you be careful what you hear, in everything, make sure it aligns with God’s Word.

Is God calling you away from, or toward something new? Don’t be afraid to follow Him. Check out my site to see where He took me! www.fggam.org

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