We bear much fruit when our lives our aligned in God’s way


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Dear Family of our =
Lord Jesus Christ,

Thank you for stopp=
ing by for a CUP!

One of the many blessings of the Lord=
moving me into FGGAM is my marriage to Sharon is even stronger! This new r=
oad has brought us closer together, our love is stronger. It was very stron=
g before FGGAM, but now more than ever. The Lord is using the talents of Sh=
aron in many ways. She is now being offered to go out and speak nationally.=
We pray for the Lord’s Will to be done. The main thing for us is to do the=
Lord’s Will. This new work the Lord has us doing has helped me counsel peo=
ple, it has become 
part of my testimony. We both are walking=
this earth for our Jesus! We bear much more fruit when we are 
 with God, His Word, wife =
or husband and family. You cannot have that out of order and be fully =
aligned wi=
th God. For some of my days I 

believe I had my life out of alignment……I had God, then my radio station work…..at times ahead of=
Sharon and the kid’s. I love my wife and kid’s and doggies dearly! Sharon =
is blooming like a red rose! The kid’s are all doing awesome! I think we so=
metimes “think” we have our life in order, when we really don’t.

What is so exciting to=
me in my walk with Jesus Christ is to learn the ways of our Lord everyday!=
To absorb His greatness! To be more Christ like! I pray you are taking tim=
e each morning to be with our Lord and His Word! You need at least an hour =
a day, just to be with Him! It is your most important relationship! During =
this time when you tune into God’s 
frequency  He will talk to you! You will hear from God =
on how to go about your days! AMEN! 

m Cooke

=E2=80=8E”It is important to face everything with courage, otherwise=
circumstances will intimidate us into giving up and not pressing through. =
Confident people go out to meet life rather than waiting for it to come to =

“Home is where each lives for the ot=
her, and all live for Christ.”


Tony Evan=

William Randolph Hearst, the great publisher, read about a painting =
and became greatly interested in it. Desperately desiring to own this paint=
ing, he sent his people all over to try to locate this painting but they co=
uldn=E2=80=99t find it anywhere.

A year later, out of the blue, one of his employees came to him and told hi=
m that the painting had at last been found. Hearst, excited about the disco=
very, asked where it had been all this time. His employee said, =E2=80=9CIt=
was in your basement. You=E2=80=99ve owned it all the time.=E2=80=9D

Mr. Hearst had never read the ledger that had a record of everything he own=
ed. He did not understand the wealth that he already possessed. Many believ=
ers operate their lives never fully understanding all of the blessing that =
is available to them in Christ. Never forget that as a follower of Jesus Ch=
rist, you have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies=
. Live in the light of that truth.

I am so proud of my wife Sharon after her presentation =
yesterday on compassion and t=
eamwork she was approached my a national company to speak to their employee=
s around the country if you are interested your church or business just mes=
sage me her husband does some speaking to lol lol

Prayer nee=

The surgery for Ron Bernard showe=
d that the cancer has spread. Please pray for healing.

Please pray for Pastor Paul Holt’s mother-i=
n-law, Tita, her blood pressure has been very high.

I want to share with you that we are expand=
ing our news coverage at www.fggam.org Lord =
willing Pastor Paul will begin his video newscasts on Friday. Keep us in yo=
ur prayers.The newscast  will be on our web site. Paul has worked=
hard to get to this point. FGGAM now has our own video and audio studio in=
Magdalena, Paul’s home. It is so AWESOME in our LORD what HE is doing here=
at FGGAM. Pastor Ray Franks of KAZQ TV told me yesterday that Dewey and Fr=
iends has become one of the stations most popular programs! The radio progr=
am that Paul and I do  on KDAZ Radio  on Mondays at Noon, has gon=
e over very well according to Annette Garcia. Vice Chairman of FGGAM Pastor=
Bill Ruhl has a new podcast up on our web site. What God has done in bring=
ing people together For HIS Glory Alone, is so AWESOME! We are all here for=
God’s Glory Alone! The LORD showed me months ago that the web site was to =
encourage people in HIM and also to keep giving people the news they n=
eed to know in their daily walk with HIM! We give PRAISE and THANKS to=
our LORD for what HE is doing! Let our lights shine for HIM more brightly =
this day! 

Thank you for letting me share with you the=
Glory of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please help stand in the gap with us by bec=
oming a partner of FGGAM. We now have it set up on our web site where you c=
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This morning I am so excited in t=
he Lord to have Monica Ruhl with us! Monica is a gifted teacher! She is the=
lovely wife of our Vice Chairman Pastor Bill Ruhl, who by the way is about=
to embark on a ministry trip to India. Please keep him in your prayers.

In my Teachings here at the CUP I have&nbsp=
;referred to Watchman Nee’s book, Spiritual Authority, Monica teaches =
from that today……….PRAISE GOD! 

Dewey: Monica’s teaching from two Sundays a=
go, based in part on her reading of Watchman Nee’s “Spiritual Authority” Pa=
stor Bill.


 Principle: Principle of Spirit=E2=80=94life in the Spirit=E2=80=

=B7       Our =E2=80=9Cspir=
itual development=E2=80=9D is directly related to following and obeying God=
.   If we love God we will sincerely desire and embrace His =
instructions=E2=80=94the words of Life/Truth.
=B7       The most =E2=80=
=9Cintelligent=E2=80=9D life we can have is an =E2=80=9CObedient Life In Th=
e Spirit=E2=80=9D!  Here, God is growing (increasing) our Spirit-=
man, in a Believer, through the ministry work of the Holy Spirit while at t=
he same time decreasing our old nature (self-will/rule).  He is e=
xchanging and imparting the nature of Christ (new creation, born again, Spi=
rit-man) for the fallen sinful nature of man.  And in this He is =
restoring His government/rule/will/authority in the heart of man through th=
e Blood-covenant, Melchizedek our High Priest.  We have been purc=
hased by the precious Blood of Jesus!  The exchange of His govern=
ment for our government is so that His will (authority) can be established =
on earth as it is in heaven through the Seed of Christ in us, the hope of g=
=B7       Hearing the initi=
atives of the Holy Spirit directs our life in the right way.  We =
both learn and grow under the governmental counsels of His wise instruction=
s/Word/Will throughout our life as we stay committed to CHRIST as both&nbsp=
;Savior and Lord.
=B7       Life in the Spiri=
t has everything to do with the Seed of Christ, not the seed of man. &=
nbsp;We cannot =E2=80=9Creason=E2=80=9D with the natural mind and expect to=
understand God=E2=80=99s ways.  His ways are clearly higher than=
our ways.  Therefore, our spiritual senses have to be =E2=80=9Ct=
rained=E2=80=9D (disciplined) to =E2=80=9Cobey=E2=80=9D the Lord. &nbs=
p;We must recognize that natural reasoning of the mind is something we inhe=
rited from =E2=80=9Cthe tree of the knowledge of good and evil=E2=80=9D whi=
ch is an affront (insult) to God.  That is to say that our natura=
l minds are an enemy of God.  As we choose to follow and obey the=
Lord through the life-walk of the Spirit, the root supply to the tree of k=
nowledge of good and evil (human thought reasoning) is severed from having =
power in us.  We are therefore exchanging our (natural) minds for=
the (supernatural) Mind of Christ.  There is =E2=80=9Cfull deliv=
erance=E2=80=9D when we no longer think independently of Christ. &nbsp=
;Here our souls become an unbroken habitation in Him and we are wholly obed=
ient to Christ.  (see 2 Cor. 10:4-6)    &nbsp=
=B7       All rebellion (ac=
ts of disobedience in thought, word and/or action) has to do with areas in =
our soul that has not yet been transformed-transfigured in Light. Diso=
bedience is the mark of darkness ruling that keeps us from Truth=E2=80=94th=
e Virtue of Life. 
=B7       Humbling ourselve=
s is the first step to moving toward obedience.  In all sense of =
the word, humility acknowledges God IS God!  He is al=
l power and all authority. Humility makes a way for our hearts to be e=
nlarged so that we may =E2=80=9Cknow=E2=80=9D God=E2=80=99s ways. &nbs=
p;The bigger we are the smaller God is.  The Bigger God is the sm=
aller we are. (Principle of humility)

=B7       Obedience makes =
=E2=80=9Croom=E2=80=9D for God.  Every act of obedience gives pla=
ce for God to reign in us.  This being His ultimate goal=E2=80=94=
to reign in the hearts of the sons of the Son of God (sons of obedience!).&=
nbsp; We have been =E2=80=9Cborn from above=E2=80=9D for the purpose o=
f doing the Will of the Father!  =E2=80=9CThy Kingdom come, thy w=
ill be done!=E2=80=9D  Our destiny is to bring the Father=E2=80=
=99s =E2=80=9Cwill=E2=80=9D to earth and Jesus showed us this way. &nb=
sp;Life in the Spirit is all about Christ/obedience.  Clearly we =
can see the direct relationship that the less we walk in the way of the Spi=
rit the less we complete our destiny (book) from Heavens perspective. =
 There is only one destiny=E2=80=A6GOD!  He is the plan, He =
is the purpose, He is the way, He is the Truth, He is the Light, He is the =
Life=E2=80=A6He is to become the house of Revelation in our souls from whic=
h our Bread is to do the will of the Father.
[Monica Miller-Ruhl, www.globaldestinyministry.com ]=
Although as regards the Godhead, the Son and the Father are c=
o-equal; the Lord Jesus Christ was made =E2=80=9CLord=E2=80=9D only after H=
e emptied Himself.  His deity derives from who He is, for His bei=
ng God is His inherent nature.  His being Lord, though, issues ou=
t of what He has done.  He was exalted and rewarded by God to be =
Lord only after He forsook His glory and maintained the perfect role of OBE=
DIENCE unto the Father.  As regards Himself, Jesus is God; as reg=
ards reward, Jesus is Lord.  Note that His Lordship did not exist=
originally in the Godhead.
Phil 2:5-11, 12-15 (AMP)
Let this same attitude and purpose and [humble] mind be=
in you which was in Christ Jesus: [Let Him be your example in humility:]&n=
Who, although being essentially one with God and in the=
form of God [possessing the fullness of the attributes which make God God]=
, did not think this equality with God was a thing to be eagerly grasped or=
But stripped Himself [of all privileges and rightful di=
gnity], so as to assume the guise of a servant (slave), in that He became l=
ike men and was born a human being.

And after He had appeared in human form, He abased and =
humbled Himself [still further]and carried His obedience to the extreme =
of death, even the death of the cross!
Therefore [because He stooped so low] God has highly ex=
alted Him and has freely bestowed on Him the name that is above every name,=
That in (at) the name of Jesus every knee should (must)=
bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
And every tongue [frankly and openly] confess and ackno=
wledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. 
=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6work out (cultivate, carry o=
ut to the goal, and fully complete) your own salvation with reverence and a=
we and trembling (self-distrust, with serious caution, tenderness of consci=
ence, watchfulness against temptation, timidly shrinking from whatever migh=
t offend God and discredit the name of Christ).
[Not in your own strength] for it is God Who is all the=
while effectually at work in you [energizing and creating in you the power=
and desire], both to will and to work for His good pleasure and satisfacti=
on and  delight.
Do all things without grumbling and faultfinding and co=
mplaining [against God] and questioning and doubting [among yourselves],=
That you may show yourselves to be blameless and guilel=
ess, innocent and uncontaminated, children of God without blemish (faultles=
s, unrebukable) in the midst of a crooked and wicked generation [spirituall=
y perverted and perverse], among whom you are seen as bright lights (stars =
or beacons shining out clearly) in the [dark] world,
“It seems as though at the beginning a council was held withi=
n the Godhead.  God conceived a plan to create the universe.&nbsp=
; In that plan the Godhead agreed to have authority represented by the=
Father.  But authority cannot be established in the universe wit=
hout OBEDIENCE, since it cannot exist alone.  God must therefore =
find obedience in the universe.  Two living beings were to be cre=
ated: angels (spirits) and men (living souls).  According to His =
foreknowledge God foresaw the =E2=80=9Crebellion=E2=80=9D of the angels and=
the fall of men; hence He was unable to establish His authority in angels =
or in the Adamic race.  Consequently, within the Godhead perfect =
accord was reached that authority would be answered by OBEDIENCE IN=
. From this come the distinctive operations of God the Fat=
her and God the Son.  One day God the Son emptied Himself, and be=
ing born in the likeness of men He became the symbol of OBEDIENCE. &nb=
sp;Inasmuch as rebellion came from created beings, so obedience must now be=
established in a created being.  Man sinned and rebelled; theref=
ore the authority of God must be erected on man=E2=80=99s obedience. &=
nbsp;This explains why the Lord came to the world and was made as one of th=
e created men.
The birth of our Lord is actually God coming forth. &nbs=
p;Instead of remaining as God with authority He came to man=E2=80=99s side,=
accepting all the limitations of man and taking the form of a SLAVE. =
 He braved the possible peril of not being able to return with glory.&=
nbsp; Should He have become disobedient on earth as a man, He would ha=
ve still been able to reclaim His place in the Godhead by asserting His ori=
ginal authority; but if so, He would have forever broken down the PRINCIPLE=
There were two ways for the Lord to return: one way was to ob=
ey absolutely and unreservedly as man, establishing the authority of God in=
all things on all occasions without the slightest hint of rebellion; thus,=
step by step through obedience to God, He would be made Lord over all.&nbs=
p; The other way would be to force His way back by reclaiming and usin=
g the authority and power and glory of His deity because of having found ob=
edience impossible through the weakness and limitation of human flesh.
Now the Lord discarded this second path and&=
nbsp;walked humbly in the way of obedience=E2=80=94even unto death.&=
nbsp; Once having emptied Himself, He refused to fill Himself again.&n=
bsp; He never took such an ambiguous course.  Had the Lord f=
ailed in the way of obedience after having relinquished His divine glory an=
d authority and taken the form of a slave, He would have never again return=
ed with glory.  Only by the way of obedience as man did He go bac=
k.  Thus it was that He returned on the basis of perfect and sing=
ular obedience.  Though suffering was added upon suffering, He di=
splayed absolute obedience, without ever the slightest tinge of resistance =
or rebellion.
Consequently, God highly exalted Him and made Him Lord when H=
e returned to glory.  It was not He who filled Himself up with th=
at which He had once emptied Himself of; rather, it was God the Father.&nbs=
ORY.  And so God the Son is now also become Jesus the Man in His =
return to glory. For this reason, the name Jesus is most precious; the=
re is no one in the universe like Him. When on the cross he shouted&nb=
sp;=E2=80=9CIt is finished!=E2=80=9D, it proclaimed not only the acc=
omplishment of salvation but also the fulfillment of all that His name sign=
ifies.  Therefore, He has obtained a name which is above every na=
me, and at His name every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess tha=
t Jesus is Lord.  Henceforward, He is Lord as well as God. &=
nbsp;His being Lord speaks of His relationship with God, how He has been re=
warded by God.  His being Christ reveals His relationship with th=
e church.
To summarize then, when the Son left the glory He did not int=
end to return on the basis of His divine attributes; on the contrary, He de=
sired to be exalted as a man.  In this manner, God has affirmed H=
is PRINCIPLE OF OBEDIENCE.  How necessary it is that we be wholly=
obedient without even the faintest trace of =E2=80=9Crebellion=E2=80=9D.&n=
bsp; The Son returned to heaven as a man; He was exalted by God after =
he was obedient in the likeness of men.  Let us face this great m=
ystery of the Bible.  In bidding farewell to the glory and clothi=
ng Himself with human flesh, the Lord determined not to return by virtue of=
His divine attributes.  And because He never gave the slightest =
appearance of disobedience, He was exalted by God on the ground of His huma=
nity.  The Lord set aside His glory when He came; but when He ret=
urned, He not only regained that glory but received even further glory.
Let us too have this mind which was in Christ Jesus. &nb=
sp;Let us all walk in the way of the Lord and =E2=80=9Cattain to obedience=
=E2=80=9D by making the principle of obedience our own principle. &nbs=
p;Let us be subject to one another.  Once having seen this princi=
ple we will have no trouble discerning that no sin is more serious than reb=
ellion and nothing is more important than obedience. ONLY IN THE PRINC=
It is told in Hebrews 5:8 that Christ =E2=80=9Clearned obedie=
nce through what He suffered.=E2=80=9D Suffering called forth obedience fro=
m the Lord.  Please note here that He did not bring obedience to =
this earth; He learned it=E2=80=94and He did so through suffering.
When we meet suffering we then learn obedience.  Su=
ch obedience is real.  Our usefulness is not determined by whethe=
r or not we have suffered, but by how much obedience we have learned throug=
h a particular trial, in having our hearts softened (pliable) so that we be=
come useful to God. 
Salvation makes people obedient as well as joyous. &nbsp=
;If we seek only joy, our spiritual possessions will not be rich; but those=
who are obedient will experience the abundance of salvation.  Le=
t us not change the nature of salvation.  Let us obey=E2=80=94for=
our Lord Jesus, having been made perfect through obedience, has become the=
source of our eternal salvation.  GOD SAVES US THAT WE MAY OB=
  The Lord has given this life of obedience to us=
an Nee, =E2=80=9CSpiritual Authority=E2=80=9D


The Obedient life of the Spirit as sons of the living God!=
  Sons of Light!  Those who have been discipled by the =
LORD will be released as Apostles (sent ones) in the Apostolic movement tha=
t is coming=E2=80=A6the government of God, the Melchizedek Priesthood!&nbsp=
~monica =

Thank you Monica, so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For God’s Glory Alone in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey Sharon an=
d Family

us today! 


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