Traditional Marriage Fails in Committee



 The Democratic Party does not support traditional marriage.

As a matter of fact the Democratic Party aggressively opposes traditional marriage.
Thus it was not surprising that the bill sponsored by Nora Espinoza (R-Roswell), House Joint Resolution 4: MARRIAGE DEFINED (one man-one woman), was tabled yesterday by the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee.
nmdemsThe Democratic Party’s platform states in part, “…actively advocating for and supporting marriage equality and domestic partnerships with full spousal rights including community property and healthcare decision-making (2009) and repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (2006).”
The House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee met again in the same small room that seats only 40 persons. The attendees were about evenly divided between supporters and opponents of the legislation. A number of clergy, both Catholic and Protestant, testified in favor of the bill. The long time pastor of Albuquerque’s 1st Presbyterian Church lobbied in favor of same-sex marriage.
Arguments for passage focused primarily on natural law. Arguments against passage focused on compassion. Committee members pointed out that the proposed constitutional amendment is current law.
House Joint Resolution 3: MARRIAGE CERTIFICATES & CEREMONIES, which will allow same-sex “marriage” in New Mexico, is headed for the House Voters and Elections Committee. The bill, sponsored by Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe), is expected to be heard next week.
It is best to visit the offices of your Representative and the Committee Members in person.  If they are not there, sign the visitor’s log and write “Please vote NO on HJR 3.”  If you cannot visit, please call, fax and email Representatives and Committee Members to tell them you oppose same-sex marriage.
The following are members of the Voters and Elections Committee:
Rep. Mary Helen Garcia, Chair 
Rep. Nathan “Nate” Cote, Vice Chair 
Rep. Thomas A. Anderson
Rep. Paul C. Bandy
Rep. Antonio “Moe” Maestas
Rep. W. Ken Martinez
Rep. Edward C. Sandoval
Rep. James E. Smith
Rep. Monica Youngblood
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