People without hope won’t take action. If you want to help someone give them hope.


Dear Family of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Thank you for stopping by this day………
“It is either all of the Word of God or none of the Word of God. To slice it up is to compromise its authority.” AW Tozer
February 19, 2013. You are a good person, like a healthy fruit tree that produces good fruit. All your goodness has been programmed within you by your Maker. God has His hand on you for a reason. He loves you and is proud of you. But inside your head there are sometimes condemning voices that tear you down with accusations and doubts. He tells you that your fruit is bad and sometimes rotten. You know the devil is a liar and deceiver. He creates schemes to rob you of the good that is within you. Don’t let him belittle you. If you do, the devil has succeeded in causing you to fail. You are a good person. The Scriptures give the example of Barnabas. Bear good fruit.
Acts 11:24 (NLT) “Barnabas was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and strong in faith. And many people were brought to the Lord.” Ras Robinson

I thank Ras for his Godly wisdom everyday! 

How are you this day?

We have some friends in need of our healing prayers, Bobby and Rissy
The Doctors have told Bobby (Pastor Kevin’s Dad, Kevin is Pastor at the Lighthouse Church in Chimayo) that in order for him to survive the infection in his knee they must amputate his leg.  The surgery is planned for today.
Thank you Jeanell. Sharon and I have met Bobby on our trips to the Lighthouse, he has always greeted us with the love of Jesus!
Let us pray for healing………….
Kathy Garcia’s granddaughter Rissy undergoes knee surgery today. Rissy was eyeing  college Basketball before this… 
Surgery day is today for Rissy. Thank you all for your prayers. I am believing that when they open her knee that they will find less damage than first seen on the MRI. That was 2 tears on the meniscus, 1 tear that will need stitching and one that will have to be scoped out (whatever that means). Then the ACL was completely ripped out. They take cartilage from the front of the knee and drill holes on the top and bottom knee bones to attach it to build a new ACL, yikes. Anyway I said all that to give glory to God when all that doesn’t have to happen. 2 1/2 hours blocked for surgery so it will be a long day with it not scheduled until 1255. Thank you once again for your prayers and believing for safe surgery and she goes home without any ill affects from any drugs given..

We are praying for healing! AMEN! I have met Rissy, she is a sweet young lady! 

Healing for Bobby and Rissy.

If I am not doing the work assigned me by our Lord Jesus Christ, my life is worth nothing. Yesterday when I got done doing our radio program on KDAZ, Dan Rosencranz said, “Well done my Brother, someone has to do this.” 

I thank Dan and all of you for your encouragement  It is all for God’s Glory Alone. Pastor Paul Holt is a gift from God. My brother Paul pours much into FGGAM everyday! Paul is with me every Monday on our radio program “This is the world we live in” on KDAZ AM730, you can listen worldwide at you can listen on Sky Angel and also on your tune in app on your phone! Many ways to listen to us at Noon on Mondays. We also will be uploading the programs on the FGGAM web site The intent of this program is to bring forth the news we need to know in our walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. We cover stories that the secular media will not touch. Like the story below that Pastor Jim Montoya told us about, FGGAM reported on it yesterday.

Or the story we had on the Unites States Justice Dept. saying HOME SCHOOLING is not a RIGHT!!!!!! 

We are updating our news posts constantly for you.

We need your support as we purchase air time and we need to make purchases to enhance our web site, office space, we pray for a full time worker to help us.
We are getting many people now coming to us for counseling. We do not charge for counseling. We meet with people and see what we can do for them and we often times will refer them to someone else if the Lord shows us to.
The main thing people are looking for is love, and that someone cares, that someone will not judge them. The love of our Lord Jesus Christ is what we show.
We are finding, like yesterday, a lady was referred to us because she is to shamed to talk to her own Pastor about her problems. You see my friends, God placed us here at FGGAM to help people like this Dear lady. The word is spreading as to what the Lord is doing here at FGGAM. Helping folks. 

My prayer is that more will see what the Lord is doing and support our efforts for God’s people. 

I ask you my Dear friend, will you help support the effort’s of FGGAM?, please do not move to quickly from this post, please pray for us.

So many people are in need, I am celebrating the GREATNESS OF OUR GOD for bringing people to us for help! I am celebrating the GREATNESS OF OUR GOD for having people refer people to FGGAM! That is why we are here, that is conformation we are doing the work assigned us by our Lord! AMEN! 

One other note on yesterdays program, Dennis Kintigh former State Rep. of Roswell had an editorial in the Albuquerque Journal yesterday. He stated crime stats from 2011, the most recent available,  showing New Mexico with the second highest murder rate in the nation! Violent crime in New Mexico is fourth in the nation. I have stated for years what Albuquerque Police officers tell me, we are living in a violent city and state. We prayed for the state of New Mexico and the leaders of this state yesterday.  We pray for all people. You see one of the reasons the Lord had us start FGGAM is to help people stay away from a life of crime, to show them the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are working with people who have been forgotten by the “system” 

“People without hope won’t take action. If you want to help someone give them hope.” Tom Ziglar
Amen to that!!!!
For God’s Glory Alone in the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey Sharon and family

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