Walter Bradley Wishes Dewey God Speed


Pastor Dewey Moede                                                                                  January 28, 2012

P. O. Box 65516

Albuquerque, New Mexico  87193



My friend you are without any doubt “One of a kind.” Yes our Lord made all of us in His image and gave each of us special characteristics and skills and to you he added a special pinch of “brotherhood.”

I’ve known you for oh so many years and you have gotten some grey and a few wrinkles but your Love of God and all His creatures, including me, has continued to Walter Bradleygrow into full color and blossoms. You never quit reaching out to people and teaching them God’s way. He gave you a “knack” for pointing out His way without offending, for bringing the ancient scriptures to life in today’s world and educating us as how to live with and through our Lord in developing our prosperity for Him.

Dewey, you’ve been a great radio talk show host for many years and kept people coming to the Lord. Then you went hi-tech so you wouldn’t miss anyone and that Daily Cup and web site grew into a monster audience for God. Now the Lord reopened a new page back in your life and you’re going on TV! This is great news! Everywhere God has sent you with His special communication “knack” it was for a divine purpose. If ever our country needed a revival it is now and I feel you will pay a special role in that capacity. After all this life really is “For God’s Glory Alone.”

Good luck my friend and God speed,

Walter Bradley

Former Lt. Governor, NM