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Flu Epidemic Hits U.S., Hospitalizations Climb


We are praying for the good health of all, we pray for all Doctors and Nurses…..in Jesus name, Amen!

Flu epidemic hits US, hospitalizations climb during peak season
ABC News

The flu has closed schools in Tennessee, Alabama, Idaho, N. Carolina and Texas. Read the full story


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This report is by By Ann McFeatters Tribune News Service (TNS) StarTribune of Minneapolis:

It starts with body aches, chills, exhaustion, headache and fever. Then comes congestion, sore throat and cough. It is miserable. It is the flu.

In Ohio, where I picked up the bug that laid me low, despite a flu vaccine shot, the hospitals are full. But flu is spreading across the country like a shadow. No state is immune.

StarTribune Story

Please be careful…….so many are getting sick right now….please make sure you have someone with you when you go to the Doctor to help you clearly understand what is going on and the other person can ask questions also.

We are in prayer for this family………

12-Year-Old Girl Dies After Being Misdiagnosed with the Flu: ‘Something So Simple Took My Baby’

The family of a 12-year-old girl from California was told by doctors she had the flu—but when they found out otherwise just days later, it was already too late. A day after Alyssa Alcaraz was sent home early from Green Acres Middle School due to an illness, her family took her to local Kaweah Delta Urgent Care in Visalia, California, where doctors diagnosed the seventh-grader with influenza. Alyssa was given ibuprofen, cough syrup (though she didn’t have a cough) and nausea medication to ease Read the full story

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