Peace And Goodwill…Hope Was Born! Angel’s Prayer Of The Day


Peace And Goodwill…Hope Was Born

Oh Father, your love for us is so hard to comprehend, you died for us when we were yet  sinners.

Love, you had no boundaries, you took our sin and you make us whole again.

Such love, the love of our Father.

When we chose the path of the evil one, you loved us,  and led us to your path again.

Such love, the love of our Father.

When we cried because of all the pain, you healed our pain and removed our shame. Oh such love.

Where others wounded us, you bound up our wounds and filled us with joy.

Such love, the love of our Father.

When we need guidance, you left us your word and you’re Holy Spirit, such love.

The love of our Father.

Whatever the future holds for us is in your hands, for your love for us makes us whole.

My Father you say in your word that the footsteps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord. That’s our future because of the love of our Father.

Father, today I pray for every reader of this post. You loved them enough to die for them and I realize it is more than the natural mind can comprehend. I pray you supernaturally draw them today, oh God.

Father, I pray you give us all the the grace to forgive as you have forgiven us. May we truly learn to walk in the ways as your Word states. Thank you for restoration. You are a God that restores and rebuilds ancient ruins of lives.

Lord, I pray your Word over us all today. In Psalm 107 v 20 you say you sent your word and healed them and delivered them from their destruction. Today, bind up the wounds of your people including me across this globe. I pray we all would receive the fullness of the inheritance you gave us. Help us to be gentle, kind, never repaying evil for evil, but trust our lives to you.

We receive your love Father. Empower us to give it away. Wherever we may journey today, thank you for opportunities to show your love, the love of our Father, Jesus Christ. Give us all the grace to walk in forgiveness as you have forgiven. 

Beautiful people, He loves you, He died for you, He has good plans for you. Believe…

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ANGEL MURCHISON is a writer as well as a radio talk show host of Destiny Moments. Every Saturday at 12:05 pm eastern standard time on WFST 600 AM Caribou, Maine or by streaming audio you can tune in to her weekly broadcast and be encouraged to take your next step in fulfilling your greatness for Christ. Angel interviews real people with real issues and a real destiny. Through her writing and radio ministry, she encourages people to lay down their pasts. Angel believes God has placed greatness in all mankind through the gifts and talents He has given each one according to the Word of God. Using the gift she has been given, she connects people all across this globe and desires for all to work together in making the world a better place and building the Kingdom of God. She believes prayer is vital to transforming lives and communities.
Angel lives in Maine and is the mother of three adult daughters and loves being a grandmother.

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