Windom Revival Radio Program: Let Us All Be Peacemakers, What Has God Called You to Do?


The Windom Revival is not about anyone but Jesus Christ! Amen! It is about showing our love to Jesus and all people! It is about building unity in the Body of Christ! It is about giving everybody an opportunity to share their story! Yes! We will make room for you! We are directed by The Holy Spirit to give all an opportunity! I pray I see you at the BARC! Unity in Jesus!! Let us fill the Barc Windom for Jesus!

The Lord has sent many to help with the REVIVAL in WINDOM! We all come together For God’s Glory Alone!

All are welcomed, come as you are, come and go as you please, UNITY IN JESUS! AMEN!

You will be so blessed.

Let us fill the BARC for JESUS! AMEN!

You will hear many awesome testimonies on how the LORD changed lives, mine included. If you want share on how God has changed your life, come and share, please! We will take the time to listen yo you, everyone has a story to tell. You will bless us! AMEN!

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