Good Morning! What a blessing to be with you on the Windom Revival Radio Program! What a blessing to be on this beautiful radio station! I would like to share with you this morning the mission statement from the Church my mentor Pastor Robert Lewis preaches at in Grand Junction, Colorado. We exist to Honor God through worship, Educate God’s people (Classroom of God)through the study of His Word, Love others through ministry and service, Proclaim the Gospel through outreach.

We recognize that our HELP comes from above and we believe that it is our Christian duty to HELP others come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, grow in spiritual maturity, serve the Lord in the church and community, support the work of the Lord, protect the unity of the church and honor God in all aspects of life.

This Mission Statement reflects the directives we are given in scripture, regarding the Lord’s Church.


Do you understand how important the Lord’s Church is?

Do you understand how much power is available in the Lord’s Church?

Do you understand the purpose of the Lord’s Church?

Acts 2:42-47

Mark 12:28-30

Exodus 20:3

Romans 12:1

Psalm 34:3

Matthew 23

Romans 12:4-5

We pray that I see at you at the Harvest of Hope on Sept. 9th in Edgewood!

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