A Call For Prayer-Harvest of Hope in Edgewood, NM Today!



First, let me start off by saying that I am honored to be asked to be a part of this. I have had the privilege of being part of different outreaches throughout the state but never thought I would be able to be in the East Mountain area this year. Of course, just like every one of these I get to do, there is always a lot of prayer involved. I believe in order for these to happen, we need to start in prayer.

Father. we come before you as we get ready for this opportunity in the east mountains. You know that we have been through many struggles in getting ready for this. We are believing that You are going to do much through this outreach tomorrow.

We ask that You would cover the speakers, music ministers, and all the volunteers involved in this with Your protection. We ask that You would protect them from the distractions and all that would come against them. We ask that You would provide for their needs as they are preparing to be used by You tomorrow. Please, give them the words to speak and the hearts to be ready to minister to those you would bring.

We ask that You would be over the equipment that will be used tomorrow that there would be no hiccups. We pray that You would make it possible for those who come to hear the words that come from You. We pray that the area where this will take place will be filled with Your Love.

We pray for those who You would bring. We pray that their hearts would be ready to hear Your Word and Your Love. We pray that their hearts would be transformed and that they would seek to follow You.

Please, Father bring a change in this area that would spark a fire and thar would spread throughout the area. We pray for Revival.

Thank You for all You have done and will do for this area and the surrounding areas.

In Jesus Name, Amen.


 9:00 AM  Open – National Anthem Sung by Diane Nolen and Prayer by Pastor Dewey Moede
Immediately Following:  Worship with Chuck Archibeck & Friends
  9:35 AM  Pastor Dewey Moede
10:00 AM  Gary Archibeck & Friends
10:30 AM  Speaker Shonda Savage
11:00 AM  Gary Archibeck & Friends
11:30 AM  Pastor Tony Jaramillo
12:00 PM  Pastor Dewey Moede – Prayer/Begin Serving Lunch
12:15 PM  Forever Pardoned
12:45 PM  Pastor Dewey Moede & Pastor Ricky Gordon
  1:15 PM  Forever Pardoned
  1:45 PM  Speaker Shonda Savage
  2:15 PM  Forever Pardoned
  2:45 PM  Pastor Dewey Moede
  3:15 PM  Pastor Tony Jaramillo
  3:45 PM  Pastor Mark Grothe & Hip Hop Revival
  5:15 PM  Pastor Caleb Cooper & New Hope Revival Worship Band
  6:30 PM  Pastor Dewey Moede/ Pastor Ricky Gordon – Altar Call/Prayer/Testimony
  7:00 PM  Close
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Mark is a US Army Veteran and has called Albuquerque home since 1997. He earned degrees at Albuquerque Bible College, and Faith Evangelical Seminary before attending the Shepherd’s School at Cross Christian Fellowship. He has felt a calling to start a church along Route 66, in Albuquerque to reach others for Christ. Mark has had struggles with addictions, drugs, alcohol and other things, in the past. He has recovered from them, with Christ and has a desire to help others with them as well. He has a desire to setup a recovery home in Albuquerque, or nearby, to help others in the recovery process as well as help them gain some job skills and learn to have personal interactions with others. Mark grew up in traditional churches. He did not find the true meaning of having a Relationship with Jesus. At the age of 31, after hearing a Pastor talk about this Relationship, he rededicated his life to Jesus and started on a path for ministry. You can tune into The HUB of NM at www.thehubnm.com, on Friday mornings at 10:30 MST to hear his radio Program, Recovery In Action, to learn more about dealing with addictions Mark has been married to his wife Rebecca since 2005. Together they have four boys between them. They minister together to help others grow in their relationships with their spouses, children and family. In his free time, Mark likes to ride motorcycles and build things.

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