Windom Revival Radio Program: Do You Really Know Jesus as Your Personal Savior?


Welcome to the Windom Revival Radio Program for this Sunday! Let us talk about life this morning! Based on 1 Cor. 1:18. Each of us needs to take a long, hard look at our own lives, our own attitudes, our own position in the Kingdom of God! As we think about that, we need to ask ourselves two questions!

Do you really know Jesus as your personal Savior?

Is your life centered in the Cross?

The message of the Cross should be the central focus of all we believe and teach!

Our hearts should be filled with it!

Our homes should be filled with it!

Our relationships should be filled with it!


Please listen to this podcast and share it with all you family and friends, it would be such a blessing to us! Amen!

Please also spread the word about ‘Windom Revival 2017’ this November!

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