This message is not going to be for the perfect mom out there who has it all together. It’s not for the mom who has perfect children, a perfect marriage and perfect life.  In fact, that mom does not even exist.

        I was reading the book “Without Rival” by Lisa Bevere.  In it she stated, “Life at its best is messy.”  Lisa and her husband are worldwide ministers, authors of numerous books and have an amazing life…and yet, she stated that life at its best is messy.  If you’re feeling like your life is a little, or maybe a lot, messy…first of all, know that you’re not alone…second, know there is hope!

        Generally speaking, being a mom is the toughest job on the planet.  I’m not minimizing what dad’s do, but it’s a fact that most mom’s carry things different than dad’s do.  When it comes to our kids we don’t just see how things affect them physically; we’re thinking spiritually and emotionally as well…we see things 3 dimensionally, if you will.  We carry the burdens and hurts that our children are going through deep within ourselves.

        Physically, there is everything from bumps and bruises to trips to the ER to sexual activity to drug use to terminal illness and all the little and big things in between.  Emotionally, there is everything from school yard name calling to low self-esteem to broken hearts to depression.  And spiritually we watch our children as they take their own personal journeys of faith or lack thereof.

        I know firsthand about the sleepless nights that come after finding out things about your kids that are totally heartbreaking and unexpected…I know the heaviness of it and how the enemy tries to instill fear and worry in your mind and deepest places of your heart about the “what if’s”.  I know firsthand the helplessness you feel as you watch your child struggle emotionally with anxiety, depression and anger.  I know that indescribable feeling that comes when your kids are complacent about the things of God and they look at you and say, “You didn’t mess up, mom…but I have my own path to take.”

        I know the loneliness that invades your soul when you feel like you’re carrying it all by yourself.  And I know, when not dealt with, little messes lead to big messes.

Moms…I see you…I understand.

Stay tuned for part 2 as Tiffany Shares some great advice on how to be victorious as a Mom,  God Bless You and yours!

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Stephen, an Air Force veteran, runs a ministry called Friends Helping Friends, which reaches out to communities with food distribution, youth ministering and the Word of God. He wrote his first published book in 2010 and followed with a study guide for his book in 2011 titled “Acts the Next Generation”. In 2011 he graduated from the Apostolic Training Ministry School where he now teaches his course, “Acts the Next Generation” as well as Adult Bible Study. He is a licensed Minster through Celebration Center in Fort Fairfield Maine and his goal will always be to continue to show the world Christ through his walk each day. Stephen and Barbara Lewis have been married since 1991 and have a heart for the Lord and love blessing others physically and spiritually. They live in Maine and have two wonderful children Samantha and Steven, A wonderful daughter In Law Victoria, a wonderful Son In Law LeGeorge as well as one Grandchild Xavier whom they Love all of them dearly.

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