Freedom from Addiction… Angel’s Prayer Of The Day


Freedom From Addiction…

Last evening, I attended a community meeting in regards to substance abuse and the road to recovery. I wanted to ask you to join your faith with mine today for addicts. I heard mention of the higher power, but I must tell you that Jesus Christ is the highest power, most powerful name and man I have ever known. I would tell any person struggling as an addict today, don’t hesitate at your point of weakness to cry out to Him. He is Your deliverer, and He will hear you when you call.

Father, thank you that You sent your Word and healed people and delivered them from all their destructions. (Psalm 107:20) Holy Spirit draw the addicts in our community to safe places, safe people and thank you for setting them free according to John 8:36 Whom the son sets free is free indeed.

God you said in Matthew 5:3 Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. We join our faith today and pray any root issues be plucked out. Whatever the road ahead looks like for each addict, God will you order their footsteps to freedom, we pray.

Thank you for strengthening our communities, our families and today may many take You at Your Word. You stick closer than a brother. (Prov. 18:24) You are Christ the Healer, Redeemer and You will make a way for them. Amen 

Have a blessed day beautiful people. Jesus loves you, even if you blew it yesterday. He will journey with you today.

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ANGEL MURCHISON is a writer as well as a radio talk show host of Destiny Moments. Every Saturday at 12:05 pm eastern standard time on WFST 600 AM Caribou, Maine or by streaming audio you can tune in to her weekly broadcast and be encouraged to take your next step in fulfilling your greatness for Christ. Angel interviews real people with real issues and a real destiny. Through her writing and radio ministry, she encourages people to lay down their pasts. Angel believes God has placed greatness in all mankind through the gifts and talents He has given each one according to the Word of God. Using the gift she has been given, she connects people all across this globe and desires for all to work together in making the world a better place and building the Kingdom of God. She believes prayer is vital to transforming lives and communities. Angel lives in Maine and is the mother of three adult daughters and loves being a grandmother.

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