Donate Here We wanted to share with you this letter from Indiana. FGGAM touches many lives everyday. At this time we need your support to move ahead to what God has put on our hearts and minds, more Revivals, one in Edgewood, NM and the Lord is showing us Windom, Minnesota again. So many have asked us to comeback. It brings me to deep tears all the love the Windom area shows us! We have 3 radio stations that we purchase time from in the Windom and Worthington, Minnesota area, every Sunday to proclaim the Word of God. These radio programs and ads in the Windom Citizen newspaper are funded by Windom folks and a FGGAM supporter in New Mexico. We are also praying about going to Indiana for a Revival. We counsel many every week, we make hospital visits, especially for people many miles from the home and their Pastor cannot travel that far during the week. This Sunday, Pastor Ricky and I travel to Clayton, NM to preach the Word of God! Amen! This old circuit preacher puts on a lot of miles every year in the “Jesus Car”. The FGGAM website is visited by thousands everyday. Our podcasts are listened to all over the world… it that people in Russia are listening! We also are so very thankful to Dan and Laura Rosecrans of The HUB of New Mexico for having me with them daily at 7:30am with News and Views and the my sermons at 11am and 3pm. What a blessing Dan and Laura have been to me and Sharon and FGGAM!

Would you please pray about a love offering to FGGAM, would you pray about becoming a monthly supporter? Love offerings are down so far here in 2017. We are praying our monthly support will increase. Just a reminder, Praise God, we are a 501c3 non-profit.

We usually start our day around 3am to start posting for you at FGGAM.ORG

Please pray for us. Please pray that we never turn to the left or right, that we keep on going straight on with our Lord Jesus Christ. That we always hear God.Christian Testimonals

This letter makes me weep……All for God, is what we are about……

Dear Dewey,
I just want to say thank you for being such an amazing and inspirational speaker. I remember so many good and fond memories from your days in LaPorte at the radio station. I was so excited to find out where you were and that you had become a pastor. I went on Facebook to see if I could reconnect with you. I remember typing out the letter about who I was and hoping that you would respond. It took a few weeks as I expected because I knew what a busy man you are. Finally I received my response. My heart started to beat faster as I opened my Facebook page. You not only remembered me but also about my family and our pharmacy. That friendship from years ago returned as if there had been no gap in time. I found myself wishing I lived closer to you and your ministry so I could hear you speak. That’s when you sent me the first link to one of your podcasts. I couldn’t wait to click on the link. I started the sermon and heard your familiar voice from so many years ago. It was as if no time had passed. I was raised Catholic but haven’t attended a Catholic Church for many years since losing both of my parents within 14 months of each other and losing my husband 11 years ago to stomach cancer at the age of 46. I don’t want to say I had lost my faith but I had become very distant and bitter with God. Listening to you preach brought something alive back in my soul. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. And I thank God for giving you the gift to speak and touch people’s hearts. I pray every day that God makes it possible for me to thank you in person some day. Thank you again my wonderful and dear friend.

Susan Peterson
LaPorte, Indiana

Love you and yours Susan!

If you would like me to preach at your Church or event, please email me.

FGGAM Board Member Wannel Pate: “FGGAM is serving the people that need it the most and even though they are not able to contribute to the ministry financially, they are being fed and are able to contribute to the Kingdom of God with their lives. FGGAM needs the financial support of those who are able, to continue this work for the Kingdom”  Donate Here Please

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