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I don’t know how many human leeches associated with the United Nations are sucking the blood from taxpayers and other contributors, but the number is huge if the weird ideas floating from their (the leeches) besotted brains are any indication.

English: A leech (Hirudo medicinalis) beginnin...
English: A leech (Hirudo medicinalis) beginning to suck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is no shame or embarrassment  demonstrated when their hocus pocus to end global warming or climate change is trotted out.

We can say the leeches are not olny brazen, but also tireless to the extreme. Their silliness is limitless as they waste time, money and other valuable resources.

They deserve prosecution for being a drain on society as they continue with their elitist bull butter. Of course, most everything with the United Nation’s stamp of approval is wasted motion.  You should read the story which follows the link just below if you wish to find what they are doing now:

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  1. Big, bold ideas of the present give way to innovation in the future. That’s why science fiction has always been the playground for scientists, engineers, and inventors.

    Usually, these concept ideas from innovators are outlandish, but they are meant to prove out the feasibility of a concept, or bring to light a relationship between something we can do as human beings that will change the world around us.

    Sometimes the lack of ability to dream big is the biggest hindrance to progress.

    • Thank you for your comment. While I can’t disagree with what you have said, the arrogance of the giant egos of “warmists,” and other climate alarmists is driven by free money from different sources which enables them to posit false “facts,” in collusion with those of a like mind.
      It is fine to “dream big,” but practicality and truth trumps dreams.

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