Winston Brooks Suspended for 3 Days, Did you know that APS has a “Media Specialist” who took part in the Nasty Tweet?


Winston Brooks 2The Albuquerque Journal is reporting this morning that Albuquerque Public School Supt. Winston Brooks has been placed on a 3 day unpaid suspension for his obscene Twitter outburst. Of course what I feel is obscene, others may not. Read our story here when news broke about Brooks going nuts on Twitter:

I don’t know if Brooks had his twitter account suspended, I wonder if he has a Facebook page? As I have stated this past week, he should have his toy’s taken away for 30 days! This brings to mind the disciple I grew up with in my home town and the School I attended. In fact, Mr. Anderson the Principle, had boat oars on his wall and if you misbehaved you got swatted on the butt. Shop Teacher Mr. Kelly had his paddling machine, where if you misbehaved you had to crawl through a line and your classmates would hit you as hard as they could with what ever scrap of lumber they could find. For those of you my age, 57 and older, you most likely know what I am talking about, solid disciple, where the school worked hand in hand with parents on disciple and the courts were not a factor. Of course now in the World we live in, lawsuits prevail. I still to this day, stay in contact with Mr. Kelly and will always refer to him as Mr. Kelly, because of the great respect I have for him and the lessons I learned from him that I carry with me to this day. Mr. Anderson passed away years ago. We live in a World of undisciplined people.  I see in the Journal article that APS has a “Social Media Specialist” Ugh! How much is this costing us who pay taxes into APS? This so called “Media Specialist” joined in the Twitter mess by posting the nasty tweet. The “Media Specialist” has been suspended, no more details on that are available.


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